OIB's Competence in Surface Plating & Plant Production


Gramm OIB provides practical processes and process development that includes a coordinated technology system for surface plating sectors that include close cooperation with our customers, suppliers, institutions, partners and many other parties.


Gramm Oberflächentechnisches Institut Bodensee GmbH

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Gramm OIB GmbH

Surface Plating Institute, Lake Constance

Am Technologiezentrum 1

88637 Buchheim


Telefon +49 7777 93969-0

Telefax +49 (0)7777/93969-199




OIB – Competence for Development in One Location


Gramm Technik GmbH, founded in 1930, delivers innovative solutions concentrated in the area of applications development, outsourced plating and plant production. The development center, located near Tuttlingen, Germany, is now open to guests and prospective interests where they can see the display of our innovation take place.



Test & Develop Oriented


At our new location, new and future discoveries are further analyzed and challenged to innovate building blocks toward modern techniques used in fields concentrated primarily in the mobile, medical and energy branches as well as any areas of production in engineering, mechanical engineering and automation.

In all areas, functional surface coating plays a very central role. For example, the wear and corrosion protection in mechanical engineering and automotive technology as well as the important connecting techniques used in electronics and microelectronics in fields such as aerospace engineering.